About Kathleen

I am a curious explorer of the divine human experience. I am a self-healer and powerful co-creator. I am a bridge builder. I am passionate about shadow work and self-care. I am inspired by the thought of creating a more holistic approach to business and marketing. I believe self-empowered people create self-empowered frameworks. I believe that scarcity and lack are illusions created to keep us small. I am currently integrating lessons around redefining success for myself, ease of money, and inherent self-worth.

I am an old soul protected by the old gods. I believe in the balance of nature, and that contrast finds us all. I love community and connection. I believe in living my values, as well as actively pursuing justice, equity, co-creation, and decolonization.

I have over 17 years experience in small business, marketing, and photography.


Project Management

Your project or process implementation expertly handled by an artist of details. Rates begin at $33/hr.

Content Creation

Authentically aligned and intentional marketing partnerships featured on our blog or social media. Send an email to discuss terms. Especially interested in products that:

  • promote self-love, health, and self-empowerment
  • eco-conscious and ethically sourced/made
  • support community in some way
  • promote mental health and well being
  • outdoors and connection to nature
  • botanical skincare
  • companies with fair wage and fair trade practices
  • decks and divination tools with equitable representation and ethical practices (no appropriation, name teachers, include cultural context, ethically mined crystals, etc.)
  • feminine owned businesses


Outsource the writing of your blog posts, newsletters & website copy so you can get back to engaging in the parts of your business that you love. Rates are determined by project.

Visual Storytelling

Photography sessions to share your products, your business, and celebratory personal rituals—families, intimate weddings, & healing portraits. I create intimate space for authentic emotionally connected images. All sessions utilize the magic of storytelling to co-create powerful collections with my clients. This is a partnership and we both agree to do the work. Wedding collections start at $4,440.00. Portrait sessions start at $555.00. Please email me via the contact form to see if we are a fit.