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Kate Theresa

Co-Creater + Business Alchemist

Hi, I’m Kate. I believe in connection, mysticism, and intentional marketing. I have over 15 years experience in creative business support.



We partner with businesses in order to co-create a (more holistic) culture and community of life well lived.


We seek to support inspired individuals and local businesses in following their purpose with intentional action, as well as personal accountability, to build thriving communities for play and work.


We believe in the power of growth, personal accountability, creative expression, intentional service, inspired individualism, self-empowerment, and authentic leadership on all levels of an organization.

Your Quest for Intentional Marketing

You and your business are fun, creative, and engaging. You are looking to co-create copy and content that communicates your amazingness to your community. You want your clients to feel lit up at the thought of investing with you. Trust is a core value to you. You have something valuable to share with the world. You’re looking for someone to handle the details so you can get back to the parts of your business that you LOVE. You are looking to explore marketing practices without fear + scarcity.

You get caught up in how to authentically write about yourself and your business. I understand. I see you. I can help.

I believe that the best working relationships and services are co-creative. Send me a message and let’s have a conversation to confirm we are a good fit.

The Journey


Schedule a phone call to connect about your needs and explore partnering with one another.

Expectations + Contracts

Define scope of work, expectations of both parties, financial investment, proposed timeline and delivery.

Feedback + Revisions

Weekly project check-ins to address process, copy, edits and feels.

Delivery + Debrief

Final product delivery, project completion phone call, and opportunity to provide process improvement feedback.

Your Needs

Project Management

Your project or process implementation expertly handled by an artist of details.

Content Creation

Authentically aligned and intentional marketing partnerships featured on our blog or social media.


Outsource the writing of your blog posts, newsletters & website copy so you can get back to engaging in the parts of your business that you love.

Visual Storytelling

Photography sessions to share your products, your business, and celebratory personal rituals—families, intimate weddings, & healing portraits.

Co-Create with Kate.

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